Council Members

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Queenborough Town Council – Full Council Members by Ward

The Mayor for 2023/2024 is Cllr Ashley Shiel

The Deputy Mayor for 2023/2024 is Cllr Richard Darby


Your Town Clerk is Lisa Gransden


Your Town Councillors For Queenborough Ward

Cllr Jackie Constable    42 High Street   ME11 5AA

Cllr Mick Constable    42 High Street  ME11 5AA

Cllr Janet Flew   11 Chalk Road  ME11 5AJ

Cllr Sandra Fowle  33 South Street  ME11 5AF

Cllr Vicky Mawhinney 21 Flanagan Avenue ME11 5BL

Cllr Zöe Swarbrick  31 South Street  ME11 5AF

Cllr Paula Telford  31 Castlemere Avenue  ME11 5BT


Your Town Councillors For Rushenden Ward

Cllr Richard Darby   270 The Broadway, ME12 2DE

Cllr Peter Marchington   5 Riverview, ME11 5LH

Cllr Ashley Shiel  1c Second Avenue  ME11 5JT

 Cllr Sue Simpson  9 Foxley Road, ME11 5AW