History Of Queenborough Town Council

History Of Queenborough Town Council

Queenborough Town Council was created in 1983 to restore a local council to an area that had been a Borough since the 14th century.  The ancient Borough of Queenborough had been merged with other Sheppey Councils in 1968 and further merged into Swale Borough Council in 1974. This latter merger left the area without its own local council and led to the creation of the Town Council, nine years later.

2016 – The Town Council was granted responsibility for the allotment sites in Queenborough during 2016.

2017 – The Council took over the Queenborough & Rushenden In Bloom Committee in 2017, the working party aim to make the community of Queenborough & Rushenden a brighter place throughout the year.

2020 -During the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020/2021 the Town Council set up an Emergency Food Bank for the residents of Queenborough & Rushenden, this is worked and run by Town Councillors with funding obtained through donations.

Annually – Queenborough Town Council currently organises the Christmas Lights Parade including firework display at the beginning of December.